My Keyword Tool Dominator Google Keyword Tool review

After years of blogging and SEO keyword research, Keyword Tool Dominator’s Google Keyword Tool is still my go-to keyword tool for ranking my posts.

Why? Because it’s fast, cheap and good.

For a $39 one-time payment you can have it for life, which, compared to expensive heavyweights like Ahrefs, Surfer and SEMRush, makes this keyword tool really quite a barg.

It also has a free trial.

It’s braindead easy. Enter your keyword, choose the country you want to target and hit enter.

You can also tick off the keywords you want to rank for, and export them as a CSV.

Look at the score column. The lower the number, the easiest the keyword is to rank for.

If you’re starting a new website with low authority then it’s smarter to go for long tail keywords with lower scores, like ‘how to make homemade salad tongs’ in the above screenshot, because at this stage you have little hope of ranking for ‘salad tongs’ unless you already have a decent authority site.

That’s about it for Keyword Tool Dominator’s Google Keyword Tool: It’s just a great little tool that I’ve used countless times over most of my full-time blogging career.

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