Article Forge review: the AI writing tool doing it without GPT-3

If you’ve read any of our other AI writing tool reviews, you’ll know just how much most of them rely on OpenAI’s GPT-3 programming. The biggest AI writing tools, like Jasper.AI, all use GPT-3 as the building block of their software.

Now, we’re going to examine one of the rare exceptions in the world of AI writing assistants who don’t use GPT-3. That program is Article Forge. 

First-and-foremost, the great people at Article Forge wouldn’t like me calling them an AI writing assistant. They are very explicit about the fact they are not an AI writing assistant. Article Forge claims to be so much more than just an assistant. To them, it is a full-on article writer. 

This attitude is why Article Forge doesn’t use GPT-3. They feel GPT-3 doesn’t serve the interests of article writers. Because of this, they’ve created their own AI model. 

Their major contention with OpenAI’s GPT-3 is that it doesn’t always present factual information, which can obviously cause problems for article-writers who need their work to be factually accurate. 

Article Forge claims to be a more factually correct alternative to GPT-3 and that they are a better tool for longform writers. These are very bold claims, so we put them to the test.

After a thorough review of Article Forge, we think that Article Forge doesn’t quite live up to their claims. What Article Forge produces is more factually accurate than GPT-3-based writing tools, but it takes longer to produce content and the quality of content is inconsistent compared to what you can get with GPT-3. 

Article Forge Features

Even the smallest of the AI writing tools have offered tens of tools for you to use. Article Forge is very different because they only offer two. These two tools are both article generators. One allows you to create articles in bulk and you can use the other to create just one article. 

Article Forge's create a new article tool

Even though Article Forge only has two tools, they still have a lot to offer. The WordPress plugin, post scheduler, and article organization features make it a great choice for bloggers and website editors.

Article Forge pros and cons

Here are the things that stood out, good and bad, from our experiences using Article Forge.


Seamless WordPress plugin

Article Forge is designed specifically for blog writers and website editors. Their WordPress plugin is seamlessly incorporated in their article writer tool making it very easy to publish what Article Forge generated directly to your website.

You can even schedule WordPress posts right from Article Forge. If you have multiple websites, you can import old blog posts to have them rewritten and Article Forge’s UI makes it easy to keep all your sites organized.

Large teams of writers will enjoy Article Forge

For website editors, Article Forge allows you to have a team of up to three writers working under one subscription. One of the major drawbacks of some of the bigger and more expensive AI writing tools is that they only allow one person per subscription. 

Article Forge definitely has an advantage over the competition in this regard, even if it falls short in some other ways that we’ll discuss next. 


Article generator instructions needs some work

When we first used Article Forge’s article generator, one of the first things that stood out was the instructions box. The box prompts you to “tell Article Forge what you want to write about.”

This struck us as a cool tool that’s similar to how ChatGPT works, so we were excited. Unfortunately for us, and Article Forge, we don’t think it works very well. In our tests, instructions were regularly ignored or barely addressed.

For example, we put “Pacific Northwest” as our keyword and then asked Article Forge to write an article about why the Pacific Northwest is so great. We asked Article Forge to mention recent things that happened in the PNW and to be specific about the PNW’s superiority over other regions. Instead of doing that, Article Forge chose to mention a different kind of superiority.

Article Forge included two sections about diversity in the PNW. This is bad enough because it’s repetitive, but then Article Forge included a paragraph about how there are a lot of white supremacist groups in the PNW, which isn’t something anyone would include in an article about why the PNW is great.

Article Forge text output mentioning white supremacy from out of nowhere

Can be slow

The other big drawback of Article Forge is how long it takes to create articles. It regularly takes more than three minutes to create 750 words articles that GPT-3-based tools would generate in seconds.

Article Forge's progress bar

How does Article Forge work?

Unlike most AI writing tools, Article Forge doesn’t use OpenAI’s GPT-3 AI model. Instead, Article Forge uses a “knowledge search engine” developed by researchers at Glimpse. 

Glimpse is an American AI development company founded in 2020. Their AI model is focused on creating quality, factually correct content. Hence why their model is referred to as a “knowledge search engine” and not a closed source model, like GPT-3.

The way this model works is that it relies on Google search results as the basis for the content it produces. Instead of giving you a series of links to help answer your questions, which is what Google does, Article Forge and Glimpse’s model gives you the information from those sites in a unique way.


While Article Forge is taking an unconventional approach by not using GPT-3, their pricing model is very conventional. Article Forge works as a subscription service where you pay per month (or per year) according to how many words you want to write. 

Article Forge's pricing

The more words you want to write, the more you pay per month or per year. With the cheapest plan, you get 25,000 words. Your three other options are 100,000, 250,000, and 500,000 words per month. If you subscribe to Article Forge’s business plan, you can get more than 500,000 words per month, but you need to reach out to Article Forge’s staff for more details.

With whatever plan you choose, you’ll also have the option to pick a monthly or annual subscription. Annual subscriptions are significantly cheaper per month, but require paying for 12 months in full upfront. If you see yourself using Article Forge for a full year, we definitely recommend buying an annual plan. 

See the full price breakdown below.

Words per monthMonthly plan pricingAnnual plan pricing (monthly breakdown)
25,000$27 per month$156  ($13 per month)
100,000$57 per month$324 ($27 per month)
250,000$127 per month$684 ($57 per month)
500,000$247 per month$1,524 ($127 per month)


With Article Forge you can generate content in 7 languages. The full list of languages supported by Article Forge includes:

  • English
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

Article Forge Free Trial

You can try out some of what Article Forge has to offer with their five-day free trial. Your free trial period gets you 10,000 words and access to the article generator. Unfortunately, you don’t get access to the bulk generator with your free trial plan.

You do have to put in your credit card information before starting your free trial, so make sure you cancel your subscription if you end up not liking Article Forge.

WordPress Plugin

Article Forge has a WordPress plugin, which allows you to seamlessly incorporate Article Forge’s AI writing capabilities to your blog or website. 

As we discussed in the pros and cons section, we think Article Forge’s WordPress plugin is the most easy to use of any of the AI writing tools’ we’ve reviewed. 

Final thoughts

Article Forge’s claim to fame is being one of the few AI writing tools not to use GPT-3. They claim their model is more factually accurate and better at producing longform content than tools that use GPT-3. In our opinion, Article Forge doesn’t quite live up to what they claim. 

Article Forge definitely produces content that is more factually accurate than GPT-3, but the content it produces isn’t as good as what you can get with GPT-3. Despite this, Article Forge’s WordPress login and organization tools make it an okay choice for blog writers, especially since it’s relatively cheap.

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